Interior Paint Trends & Inspiration

The color of the interior of your home is an important design element. You want to find something that speaks to your personality and that you won’t mind looking at day in and day out. It can be a delicate process to pick the right color for you, giving voice to your inner designer but still looking stylish. So, what’s popular in this half of 2019? Here are some of the current trends in interior paint.


Earthy is in.

If you’re a fan of the more rustic look, we have good news for you. Earth tones are big this year. We’re talking deep greens, rich terracottas, woody browns, and earthy grays. These colors do tend to be a bit darker so maybe use them sparingly in rooms with lots of light, like a bright living room or kitchen. Adding one nice accent wall of a hunter green, perhaps, can change the whole feel of a room.  


Blues are big.

Blue is such a versatile color choice for you home. You can brighten a whole room with a soft, muted blue or you can add a punch of color with a dark blue. Gray-blues are particularly popular right now, often adding a misty look to your favorite room.


Pastels are popular.

Particularly pastel pink is experiencing a boom in popularity right now due to the its compatibility with other colors, but any pastel color is a good choice. Pastels allow you to change the tone of a room without committing to any drastic choices. It also keeps a room relatively neutral for people who are thinking of placing their home on the market.


Can’t go wrong with coral.

Pantone named their Living Coral color as their 2019 color of the year. This bright, vibrant color will add some light and some life to any room you put it in. Even just adding touches of this color as an accent to a more mellow room will jazz things up a bit.  


Say yes to yellow.

Yellows experienced a big rise in popularity in 2019 due to its uplifting tendency and penchant to inspire optimism. Go for a muted yellow to set a sunny and bright tone to the room or choose a deep mustard to add some depth.

Even if you’re not feeling very adventurous but your home needs a new paint job, don’t forget that white will never go out of style. PaintPositive, a leading paint expert in the Northeast Ohio area, is now scheduling interior projects for this winter. If you are interested in having the interior of your Northeast Ohio home painted, fill out a contact form here and receive a discount on any services scheduled for the winter!