Choosing the Right Colors For Your Paint Project

As summer quickly approaches in Northeast Ohio, you might find yourself exploring newfound time to work on those home improvement projects you’ve been thinking about all winter. There’s no time like the present to act on that New Year’s resolution you might have made back in January to finally repaint your home office or living room! But if you’re like many homeowners, you might also find yourself overwhelmed by seemingly endless choices of color for your room renovation.

Psychology of Paint Color

Painters understand the difficulty of these choices! As Benjamin Moore says about the “psychology of color,” “color and color combinations influence the mood of a home.” If you’re working on a residential project, it might be that you want to create a bright, airy kitchen space or an elegant, classic dining room space. We understand and consider these design choices as an integral part of the painting process.

Benjamin Moore offers an online tool to playwith these ideas about different color choices. You can choose a space and apply different colors to different rooms, which might get those creative juices flowing! HGTV also offers some useful and easy tipsfor picking that perfect wall color. Sherwin Williams offers some great tips and ideas as well online!

Professional Paint Consultants

Once you’ve thought about colors, whether you’ve picked your perfect palette or remain just as confused as when you started, PaintPositive is here to make the next steps happen. We fully understand the confusion of being confronted with thousands of different colors, and that’s why we provide complementary Sherwin Williams consultations with new clients. Our consultations can affirm the choices you might have already made for yourself, or they might provide an expert opinion that points you in an exciting new direction of color for your walls. If you’re at a loss, our expert partners will make the process much simpler for you and streamline the color choices for you, keeping in mind the “psychology of color” and mood of the room we’ll be painting for you.

PaintPositive Knows All About Proper Preparation

Overall, now is the perfect time to embark on that home improvement project by taking the first steps on that paint job you want done! Interior or exterior, residential or commercial, Paint Positive is ready to take on your project—perfect colors included! We are a locally owned and operated business servicing Northeast Ohio including: Hudson, Fairlawn, Stow, Bath, Richfield, Copley. Contact or call us at 330-860-4508 for a free estimate today!