Paint and Home Value in Northeast Ohio

Choosing the right colors for your home can be a delicate process. While you live there, you want your home to be comfortable and right for your personality and so much of that lies in the colors of a home, both inside and out. But when it comes time to sell, some of your home’s value can be determined by your color choices. In fact, one of the easiest ways to add value to your home is by painting it.


For the interior of your home, try some warm neutral colors. Neutral colors make rooms seem more, well, neutral which can help attract potential homebuyers. They make it easier for homebuyers to see themselves in the space. Having warm, neutral colors like beiges, greys, or gold, in your home makes buyers less likely to feel like they need to paint after closing so they are less likely to have to factor the cost of painting into their home buying costs, potentially increasing their initial offer.

If you don’t want to have to shell out to repaint your entire home, consider the rooms that might need it the most. Experts say that the color of common living areas in a home are important, like the living room and kitchen, as well as bathrooms and entryways. Using lighter colors in these spaces can make the rooms seem bigger and more inviting. Additionally, the lighter colors can make a room seem brighter in photographs, drawing more buyers to come see your home.


When it comes time to pick a color for the exterior of your home, there are a few factors to consider. Once again, a neutral color scheme is a good choice to make sure that the color of your home doesn’t go out of style. Choosing wild colors might seem like the right choice if you’re an adventurous person but it can definitely hurt when finding potential buyers.

Another thing to consider is the 60-30-10 ratio for color on your home. 60% should be the main color and, once again, try to stick to neutrals. Then 30% is the trim and garage which should be in a similar color family. For the last ten percent, things like shutters and the front door, you can go with a jolt of fun color.

Painting the exterior of your home might not be the right choice for you – it can be more expensive, time consuming, the current paint might be in good condition still. That’s alright because painting the exterior is shown to have a lower return on investment than the interior. So, focusing on the walls inside your home is a good way to go. One last note however – Zillow recently did a study that found that some colors can negatively affect your home value. Try to avoid slate gray, off-white, terracotta, and dark brown.

If updating some of the paint in your home sounds like the right move to you, PaintPositive would be happy to help make all of your dreams come true. Our expert team services all of Northeast Ohio and is available for your next project. We can help you choose the perfect paint colors for your home, at a price you can’t beat! Contact us today to get your free, custom quote here.